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Six Pack – 9 April 2011

Posted: April 21, 2011 by kwheeler008 in Competitions
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A team of Guerillas, supplemented by a couple of Leopards and Hoodlum made their way to Edinburgh for the Six Pack tournament earlier this month. The sun was shining all day for a great introduction to competitive matches for three of our new players – Michelle, Mike and Euan.

The draw was tough, as expected, with the following results in the group stages:

Lost to Six Pack 2-6
Beat Glasgow Lions A
4-2 Lost Meerkats 1-4
Lost Scotland MXO 0-5
Beat Stirling 4-2
Beat Superhands Sinister 5-0

Strong performances against strong teams – we worked hard defensively kept the scores against us low. The Mixed Open team even had to resort to mooning Mark to try to get a score in, so a very happy captain after those results.

That earned us 4th place in our group and a place in the plate semi where we faced Superhands Dexter (points to anyone that can tell us the significance of their A & B team names – thanks to Ali Crozier for explaining this one!). Sadly this was the end of our run as they beat us 6-0.

The overall winners were the hosts, beating Scotland MXO in a drop-off in the cup final. Meerkats beat Superhands A in the Plate Final, so I think we can be quite pleased with our group performance!

The semi wasn’t the end of the day for us, however, as not only was it beer o’clock, but we also had the glory of the passing skills competition and the race for a case to come and I am pleased to report that the Guerillas excelled here. Even following a pint and a double gin, Jen still managed to come second in the women’s passing place – earning us a classy bottle of pink lambrini! Dave Vale (looking very comfortable in a Guerillas top once again) also managed the same in the men’s competion. Ross Taylor, who has recently decided to join us was the winner here – so we’ll be looking for a clean sweep next year!

Senga and Mark “volunteered” to represent us in the race for a case – sadly Senga was outrun, but Mr Tickle did us proud and (despite Superhand’s protestations) was the winner of the men’s race. He was delighted to declare himself the fastest man in Scottish touch, despite taking a knock in the first match which resulted in a swollen kidney and a trip to A&E….

Special mention to Michelle, who got the first score in our first match against Superhands. No mean feat – particularly as it was her first competitive match as a Guerilla. Mike also stepped up with two scores of his own.

A big thanks to Six Pack for organising a great day of touch, and to Dave, Ali and Christie for joining us. Also a big well done to the team, particularly our newbies for a strong performance. Here’s to the Aberdeen Spring Tournament in May!

Six Pack Tournament Scores

Posted: April 9, 2011 by guerillastrc in Competitions
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Guerillas scores from today’s Six Pack tournament at Peffermill, Edinburgh

Lost to Six Pack 2-6 (Michelle’s first score in her first Guerillas game!)
Beat Glasgow Lions A 4-2
Lost Meerkats 1-4
Lost Scotland MXO 0-5
Beat Stirling 4-2
Beat Superhands B 5-0

Lost to Superhands A 0-6 in Plate semi-final.

Winners were the hosts, beating Scotland MXO in a drop-off in the cup final. Meerkats beat Superhands A in the Plate Final, so it was a tough group to be drawn in!

Additionally Mark Chiverton won the ‘race for the case’ and Jenny Davidson came runner-up in the women’s passing skill competition. Plus ‘honorary Guerilla’ Dave Vale was runner-up in the mens passing comp.

Six Pack for new look Guerillas

Posted: April 6, 2011 by guerillastrc in Competitions
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It will be a bit of a different looking Guerillas team taking part in the Six Pack tournament in Edinburgh this weekend. With almost all the club’s Scotland squad players passing up on the opportunity to make the 250 mile round trip for three weekends in a row there’s a chance for some of the club’s newer players to shine in what looks like a highly competitive arena.

Guerillas have been drawn in the same group as reigning STS champs and hosts Six Pack, 2009 STS winners Meerkats, the Glasgow Lions first team, one of the two Superhands teams and the always competitive Stirling.  Just to top that off we’ll also be playing against the Scotland Mixed open team as they continue their World Cup preparations. The club played the national team in Aberdeen last year and fought hard but lost the games 0-3 and 2-4.

So a baptism of fire for some of our new recruits. However with the expected high quality of organisation, pitches and refereeing it’s a great opportunity to play against some of the country’s top teams/players and for newer players to learn from some of our old hands. Check Twitter and this blog for updates on how the team gets on. There will likely be news and photos on the Six Pack FB page also.

Good luck team!

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