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Unofficial STS & ATS update

Posted: August 22, 2011 by guerillastrc in Competitions
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No official update on the ATS & STS scores yet but by my reckoning the current STS table is as below after 3 of 4 events. As you can see our 2011 points total after 3 events almost eclipses our final total from 4 events last year. So a massive step up in performances. In Glasgow we cut down the gap to Meerkats and WM ahead of us, such that it is just feasible we could catch one of both of them in Edinburgh, and we’ve increased the gap ahead of Superhands to 16 points.
2011 Standings
1st Geckos 84
2nd Meerkats 74
3rd Wallace Monumentals 72
4th activitymix Guerillas 68
5th Superhands 52

STS Round 3 – Glasgow Open

Posted: August 22, 2011 by guerillastrc in Competitions
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Event write-up by Monica Coyle…

This was round 3 of the Scottish touch series, in Glasgow this time. The draw had been sent out, and the standard was looking high, such that despite always being optimistic, I wasn’t sure top 4 was achievable on this one – apologies team! We had a squad of 10, which meant we were going to be tired by the end of the day!


Lets hear it for the girls

Posted: August 10, 2011 by guerillastrc in Uncategorized

2011 has certainly been a milestone year for Guerillas. The most obvious aspects of this have been our sponsorship agreement with activitymix, a significant increase in player numbers, lots of new players being introduced to the sport and big step up in on-field performances across all teams.

However a less obvious trend has been a swing towards a more even gender balance. Historically we’ve always had a male/female split of about 60%/40%. This has worked well with having one mens team and two mixed teams competing in the Aberdeen leagues. However active player numbers currently stand at roughly a 50/50 even split of men and women. This is a positive shift in several areas. This is the first year the club has been able to submit entries for two mixed teams to weekend tournaments, and we’ve managed this on three separate occasions. Whereas in previous years we have been limited in team entries due to a lack of girls the step towards a third league team was as much driven by the number of female players we had as anything else.

 The guys are starting to get outnumbered