Eve of the World Cup – rain & draw changes

Posted: June 21, 2011 by guerillastrc in World Cup 2011
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On the eve of the first touch world cup to take place in Europe the talk has mainly been of the weather and last minute changes to the draw. It has rained in Edinburgh almost all day, has been quite heavy the last while and more of the same is forecast overnight. Looks like it won’t let up much in the next couple of days. So anyone coming to watch the action be sure to pack waterproofs, wellies and bring a brolly! We’ve recently heard that the opening ceremony has been postponed, a sensible decision given it would have been pretty miserable to be standing about at Peffermill in this.

Other news is that due to some teams withdrawing/not appearing there have been changes to the draw. This affects the M40 and MXO sections, possibly others. M40 now start their campaign against NZ instead of Australia. Ross will be glad that the MXO have been spared a 7:40am start –  they now play first in the 2nd lot of fixtures.

But no change for the M35 who still face South Africa, USA and Wales tomorrow. The new draw is available as a PDF from the WC website, with online fixture updates to come.

M35 ‘enjoyed’ a half pace jog through in the rain earlier as a refresher on what we’ve been covering for the last few months. All 16 players are ready to go, for the majority it will be their first WC and for three their first international tournament. All the Scotland teams congregated at Peffermill last night to see the new caps being given their playing shirts – an important part of the WC experience.

Despite the rain (or maybe because of the rain!) the Scotland teams are in good spirits. Now it’s just a matter of getting down to what we’ve been building up to for the last few days/weeks/months/years…


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