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Our report on the Guerillas trip to Stirling for the first of the 2011 STS events comes courtesy of Duncan Smart…

I’d like to start by staying a massive congratulations to everyone who came down to Stirling at the weekend, and led activitymix Guerillas to one of their best ever ‘away’ Scottish Touch Series results. A big pat on the back also to Stuart and Nick who played for Hoodlums and helped them win some silverware. Of course it’s always good to see any Aberdeen teams performing well but the fact they beat Leopards in the final didn’t do our ATS campaign any harm!

Anyway, to the action…
We started off in a group with Flossie Possie (aka Stirling B), Hammertime (from Glasgow) and Superhands (Edinburgh), who we seem to be drawn with in every tournament. Historically we have gotten off to a pretty slow start in some of the one day tournaments, but thankfully not this time. We hit the ground running, and rattled up a convincing 7-1 victory, with scores from Scuba (3), Ross (2), Mon and Dave.

Guerillas kick off vs home side Flossie Possie

We followed this up with a game against Hammertime, who overcame a deficit of their own players by borrowing a couple of Scotland players from other teams! It wasn’t looking good when they took an early lead, but Mark eased the nerves by scoring straight from the restart, and aided by some great D, and some impressive driving in the 4s which led directly to scores, we ran out 4-1 winners, with scores from Mark (2), Neil and Iain.

Activitymix Guerillas v Hammertime

Our final group game was against Superhands, with whom we’ve had a few ding dong battles recently, and Saturday’s encounter proved no different, with some last second controversy thrown in for good measure! We started well again, with our 4s continuing to gain us a lot of ground and our defence repelling everything Superhands could throw at us, and we were leading 3-1 with a couple of minutes to go, despite having 2 scores ruled out due to a foot in touch. Superhands pulled it back to 3-2 to leave the nerves jangling, and with the very last play of the game, their half scooped and ran through the score zone and popped it off to one of their players to put the ball down, at which point there was a massive celebration from the Superhands team and a lot of gloomy faces from Guerillas. However, after a couple of minutes’ conferring between the referees, the roles were reversed, as was the score, as it turned out the half had stepped out of the back of the pitch before he made his pass. Final score 3-2 to Guerillas (scorers Scuba, Ross and Mark) and we finished top of the group and avoided Meerkats in the next round!

Superhands in early action

We resumed after the lunch break with a game against Glasgow Lions A, a team with whom we’ve had a lot of close games in the past, and Saturday was no exception. We came out of the blocks quickly, building up an early 2-0 lead, before being pegged back to 2-1 at the half, with the defence again putting in a sterling effort, and our speedy 4s resulting in links punching big gaps in their defence, and running through to score. We scored again to make it 3-1, but were pegged back to 3-3 by a couple of late Lions scores, meaning a sudden death drop off. We started with the tap off, and nerves were eased when Ross burst through the Lions defence to score with our opening possession. However this meant that Lions had 6 touches to get the score back, but our D remained resolute and we held out for a 4-3 win. Scorers were Mark (2) and Ross (2).

Some relieved Guerillas leave the pitch

In the semi final we were drawn against the hosts, Wallace Monumentals (aka Stirling A) in what proved to be a wild encounter, where defences were most definitely not on top, and with no little controversy! The final score was 7-6 to Monumentals, but that doesn’t tell half the story. There was some pretty harsh refereeing which saw us being pinged for a penalty in the first half for backchat, and another one for taking a penalty from the wrong mark. To compound this, when another penalty was awarded to us in the second half, Mon asked the ref where the mark was, and was subsequently forced to take the walk of shame as she was sent to the sin bin for alleged backchat again! WM capitalised on their man advantage by scoring immediately, but we overcame adversity when Mark scored shorthanded before Mon was allowed back on again. Now while all this was going on, there had been a big mix up in the scoring! While we thought the final score was 7-6 to WM, the scorecard was showing us winning the game 8-5, but after some conferring between refs and captains, the result was announced as 7-6 to Wallace Monumentals and we were forced to settle for the 3rd/4th playoff against Geckos. Scorers were Mark (3), Scuba and Iain (not sure who the other scorer was, in all the excitement – possibly Ross).

Wallace Monumentals’ new strips arrived just in time for their home event

By this point there were a few tired bodies, and we started off pretty flat against Geckos, going down 4 nil at one stage. However after a stirring pep talk from Mon and I’d like to think aided by a fuel injection from my tablet (thank goodness there was no drug testing, otherwise we could well have been thrown out of the tournament), we moved up a couple of gears and the final score was a very respectable 7-3 against what was a very good team, who had only lost in a drop off to eventual winners Meerkats (they beat Wallace Monumentals 14-1 in the final) in the semifinals. The game will be particularly remembered for Julie’s diving score in the corner, after chugging about 6 or 7 pieces of the whisky tablet – rocket fuel indeed! Scorers were Julie, Mark and Iain, so overall top scorers were Scuba and Mark with 7 each.

I’d like to say a particularly big well done to Toria and Julie, making the step up from Urbans and beginners tournament last week, to the main Guerillas team this week – quite a baptism of fire. With most of our experienced girls either playing for Scotland in London or away for the weekend the others filled in admirably. With several of the Granites missing, there was also a good opportunity for several of the Galactics to step into the team, so I think it just goes to show how strong we are as a club that we managed to achieve such a great result with players from all 3 teams present (7 1st team, 5 2nd team and 2 3rd team players). And Stuart and Nick topped off a fantastic weekend for Guerillas by ensuring a Hoodlums victory in the Shield competition, beating Leopards in a drop off in the final which meant we finished 6 places above Leopards, and cemented our place as the top Aberdeen team in both the ATS and STS standings.

And the fun didn’t stop there. I think it’s safe to say that Guerillas quite literally made their mark at the post tournament ceilidh. We had decided to go with a French theme in honour of Julie and by the end of the night pretty much everyone at the ceilidh was sporting one of our finger ‘taches – allez les Guerilleros!

Post-tournament ceilidh hilarity

L-R, back row: Duncan, Iain, Neil, Ross, Steve, Mark, Dave, Mike

front: Michelle, Rowan, Monica, Toria, Kirsty, Julie

  1. Scuba says:

    Who typed this up like?
    If you count the scores Mark ends up with 9, and I get 5,

    Someones maths are shocking!!!! x

    (Not that it bothers me THAT much)

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