Aberdeen Power Rankings – Week 1

Posted: May 9, 2011 by guerillastrc in power-rankings

After two rounds of league games some movement in the middle of the rankings but less so at the top and bottom. activitymix Granite Guerillas win over Meerkats puts them in good position in the league but they’ve not yet done enough to show they can topple Aberdeen’s top mixed team. With Leopards playing both Meerkats and Guerillas this week the pecking order at the top should become clearer.

Results of the week:

Two impressive performances this week from teams recording wins over higher ranked opposition, so well done to activitymix Galactic Guerillas for their 5-0 win over Shell and to Sparrows for beating BP 4-1.

1 Meerkats
2 activitymix Granite Guerillas
3 Leopards
4 Genesis
5 Hoodlums
6 Touching Cloth
7 CSI Sparrows ▲
8 Untouchables ▲
9  BP▼
10 Egg-Shell ▼
11 activitymix Galactic Guerillas ▲
12 Leopards Too ▼
13 Subsea Sharks
14 Tigers
15 Marathon Wildcats
16 NHS
17 KCA
18 activitymix Urban Guerillas

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