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Guerillas off to Glasgow

Posted: May 27, 2011 by guerillastrc in Uncategorized

Good luck to the Guerillas players off to Glasgow this weekend for the Lions beginners tournament. A few missing through injury but I’m sure all will still have a good day.

Aberdeen Power Rankings – Week 3

Posted: May 25, 2011 by guerillastrc in power-rankings

After 6 rounds of league games updated rankings as below. Tonight’s games look like going a long way to deciding where the league titles are heading. With Meerkats v activitymix Granite Guerillas and Meerkats v Leopards tonight it will be interesting to see which of Aberdeen’s top teams emerges from these contests at the top of the table.

Plenty of top of the table action in the Intermediate ‘A’ league as well, 3rd placed activitymix Granite Guerillas play 2nd place Shell and 1st place Sparrows. Any one of these three teams could end the night at the top of the table.

In Int ‘B’ Subsea Sharks will be hoping to open up a gap at the top with a win over Tigers, Marathon are also in hot pursuit. (more…)

New playing shirts get their first run out

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This week’s league games saw the first use of our new playing shirts, complete with sponsor logo. You can see the shirts being modeled in action below by the Galactics. Our black alternate strips also go their first use and have a 100% record after a 10-1 win over Genesis by Granites.

Bronagh, ‘No touching the new shirts!’

Trisha, ‘What colour are the opposition in again?’

Kirsty, ‘My socks go soooo much better with the new shirts than Mike’s do’.

Huw gives us a view of the numbers.

Kirsty runs at man who ‘believes he can fly / believes he can touch the sky’.

Tom obligingly slows in front of the camera.

On Saturday 7th May two Guerillas teams gathered at Woodside for the Aberdeen Spring tournament. The activitymix Guerillas (the ‘A’ team) were looking to bag as many points as possible to add to our Aberdeen Touch Series (ATS) total and we also had enough players for a full second squad of activitymix Guerillas Killer Bees.

Of note for this event was the rise of the clubs, with half the teams taking part coming from just four clubs. Superhands and Leopards have been able to turn out two teams to a number of recent events. However this was also the first away tournament that Stirling Touch has sent two teams to and Guerillas registered two teams in a weekend tournament for the first time in some time.

The ‘A’ team’s first game was against Superhands Academy. The method by which Superhands split their players between their two teams is always a mystery,  although there was speculation that their constitution mandates a minimum number of French speakers in each team. As it was the Academy team featured some of the more experienced players as the spine of the team, along with some newer faces. (more…)

Aberdeen Power Rankings – Week 1

Posted: May 9, 2011 by guerillastrc in power-rankings

After two rounds of league games some movement in the middle of the rankings but less so at the top and bottom. activitymix Granite Guerillas win over Meerkats puts them in good position in the league but they’ve not yet done enough to show they can topple Aberdeen’s top mixed team. With Leopards playing both Meerkats and Guerillas this week the pecking order at the top should become clearer.

Results of the week:

Two impressive performances this week from teams recording wins over higher ranked opposition, so well done to activitymix Galactic Guerillas for their 5-0 win over Shell and to Sparrows for beating BP 4-1.

1 Meerkats
2 activitymix Granite Guerillas
3 Leopards
4 Genesis
5 Hoodlums
6 Touching Cloth
7 CSI Sparrows ▲
8 Untouchables ▲
9  BP▼
10 Egg-Shell ▼
11 activitymix Galactic Guerillas ▲
12 Leopards Too ▼
13 Subsea Sharks
14 Tigers
15 Marathon Wildcats
16 NHS
17 KCA
18 activitymix Urban Guerillas

Week 1 League Round Up

Posted: May 5, 2011 by guerillastrc in League

Round up of the Guerillas scores from the first week of summer league action below. Galactics have managed to hit the ground running with a close win over BP, a team that was playing in the Experienced league last year. They followed this up with a 5-0 win over Shell. Quite a surprising result given these two teams finished only 2 points apart in the league last year.

There seems to be some doubt as to whether the correct number of scores were recorded in the Urban’s second game, as the Guerillas team believe they scored 4! These things sometimes happen. The first run out for this new team was against a club that will probably be challenging for the title in the Int B division. But we can expect improvements to come each week with this new group of players.

Granites picked up the pace in the second half of the Touching Cloth game to run in a few more scores. The second win certainly was one to be pleased with, handing the reigning league champions their first defeat for sometime. Despite some off-season additions it was a depleted Meerkats team, although Granites were also missing some of our most experienced players. Hats off to Meerkats though for running hard the whole game. Week 2 sees Granites v Leopards plus Leopards vs Meerkats so should be an interesting one.

Granites v Touching Cloth WON 8-1

Urbans v Tigers LOST 0-3

Galactics v BP WON 5-3

Galactics v Shell WON 5-0

Urbans v Marathon DRAW 3-3

Granites v Meerkats WON 2-0

Aberdeen Power Rankings – Week 0

Posted: May 3, 2011 by guerillastrc in power-rankings

Just as a bit of fun a (subjective) ranking of all the mixed teams in the Aberdeen summer leagues. Team ranking will be on recent performance regardless of the league that the team plays in. So a team from a lower league that puts together a string of good results, or knocks off some higher league teams in cup games, will quickly rise up the rankings.

Initial rankings are mainly based on league finishing positions last summer, with some minor adjustments for cup performances and autumn league. New teams start at the bottom, Novice league teams will be added in later.

The actually system for adjusting team rank uses a complex formula involving third order differential equations, and a heavy dose of personal opinion.

The views reflected here do not represent those of league provider, club or sponsor… just one blogger’s opinion! Feel free to comment away…

So where do they all rank at league start?:

1 Meerkats
2 activitymix Granite Guerillas
3 Leopards
4 Genesis
5 Hoodlums
6 Touching Cloth
7 BP
8 CSI Sparrows
9 Egg-Shell
10 Untouchables
11 Leopards Too
12 activitymix Galactic Guerillas
13 Subsea Sharks
14 Tigers
15 Marathon Wildcats
16 NHS
17 KCA
18 activitymix Urban Guerillas